Farm Field Report

I chose to observe the long entrance/driveway leading up to the farm. There are two red flags attached to old, wooden flag poles on both sides of the driveway right at the entrance. The driveway itself is paved, but it is not very smooth. There is a long pile of leaves on the left side of the driveway that stretches from the entrance, all the way up to the end of the driveway. On the other side of the driveway, there is a stretch of parking spaces that are on gravel and grass instead of paved road. There seems to be quite a few invasive plants growing on the parking spaces. The blocks in the parking spaces are wooden instead of concrete. More parking on paved road can be found on the side of the grocery store. Within the line of parking, there are dead-looking trees in between each set of parking spaces. Each tree has a wooden box that is around four to five inches tall, surrounding it. In the box, a huge pile of leaves fills in the remaining space that the tree does not take up. On that same side of the driveway, there is what looks like a Christmas tree patch with only a few trees left over. Before the parking spaces, there is a giant pile of leaves that stretch more than 10ft long. The Our Table sign is accompanied by a couple of hay bills. On the left side of the driveway, there is a fence that stands between the road and the small grass field that has two cows in it. The fence might be an electric fence to keep the cows out of the way. The dimensions of the driveway are probably around less than eight meters across, and maybe less than 200 meters long. One feature that really stands out on the driveway was the old-looking rototiller near the front of the entrance on the right side. Another feature that stands out is the giant amount of leaves that lay on the sides of the driveway. Another feature that stands out are the two flag poles.

Overall, I would say that the driveway does not have the most welcoming entrance for multiple reasons. Because of the winter weather, the trees and any plant life, including the leaves on the driveway are dead. There are also invasive plants that could harm parts of the driveway. The parking spaces are a little too compact. If someone were to drive in with a huge suburban, they might have to take up two parking spaces instead of one. The drive way is also not very welcoming because of the huge amount of leaves bordering an entire side length. A few suggestions can be made to make the drive way look welcoming. One suggestion would be to add actual pavement to the parking spaces and get rid of the grass and gravel. The parking spaces should be made bigger as well. Another suggestion would be to clean up all of the leaves on the sides of the drive way to make the space look cleaner. The trees in between the parking spaces should be removed to add more room for parking itself.

Gabby Galvez


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