Farm Field Report // Community Space

This space, particular to this time of year, is a roofless storage shed. There is no reason for a community to have anything to do with space other than the “Marti Gras”-esque strung from one barkless pole to the next. The grass below the lights is uneven and unmanicured blending seamlessly into some of the grassy cover crops nearby. Clearly, this space is at an unfair advantage in the winter months because of the dismal Oregon weather, but the weather should not dictate the community’s ability to use designated gathering spaces. The glaring detail of this space that stands out the most is the incredible potential for this malnourished acreage on the farm. Its central location in regard to the most heavily used areas on the farm such as the driveway, the store, and the flower garden make the community space untapped potential. The farm is on a good track for the use of this space, in the summer at least, by using large tables and hosting farm dinners with the rest of the community under light of the strung balls. Approaching the fall months, the space serves as a location for a hay bail play area for the kid’s eager to pick-their-own pumpkins. All of these uses are great and important, but we need to figure out a way to make this space useable for all months of the year. Unlike the other options up for redesign, the entrances for the farm and the store, the community space will be a place that people will come to see, stay in, and leave with a greater feeling of solidarity with the farm, the crops, and the wonderful community that has already been established with the culture of Our Table.

Parker Stidham


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