Farm Field Report: Entrance

     I chose the entrance, and the first thing that I noticed was how simple and bland the entrance was. Nothing offered curb appeal, and perhaps that is why only one person stopped by besides us. Nothing really rose from the ground, everything felt flat and unwelcoming. The little sign they had in the front reminded me of some sort of red traffic sign, and if I were to drive by the road, glanced at the driveway, I would assume that it was not open to the public. The gate at the end of the driveway also feels unwelcoming. The thing that stands out the most to me is the way the driveway looks so long when I stand at the entrance, and that the grocery store feels miles away. The autumn leaves on the ground are reminiscent of the fall, and it makes me feel out of place. The space is open with a lot of room for redesigning. Behind the gate, what stands out the most to me, is once again the open space. This entrance does not feel connected to the farm as a whole, it feels out in the distant, and nobody gives much attention to entrances anyway. One thing that did catch my attention was the old John Deere rotary tiller sitting at the side of the entrance. It reminded me of old farming traditions, and in that way is a reflection of what Our Table is all about; good produce that adopts methods from the past. The entrance is where first impressions occur, thus the entrance must do a good job of representing the farm as good as possible.


How can the entrance both become appealing, and be an accurate reflection of what Our Table is about?  //  Why does it seem like the entrance was not given much design attention?  //  How can the driveway improve to be better accessible for loading trucks in the warehouse?  //  Why does the gate feel unwelcoming?  //  How can I change the perspective, to make the driveway seem less long? Do we want it to seem less long?  //  How does adding vegetation to the area make the place more interesting to look at?  //  Why do we want the place to look more interesting? What makes me believe that the entrance needs improvement?  //  How much redesign becomes too much/overwhelming?  //  What values am I emphasizing in my design, and how does that affect the people who interact with the design?  //  How do you capture the intangible; values, emotions, thoughts, into the designs of tangible objects that reside in a physical world?

Alex Gavin


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