Farm Field Report – The Grocery Store

I love food so of course I picked the grocery store. The first thing you see as you walk into the store is this gorgeous display of succulents and then to your right, there is a table with a large variety of wines. Further into the store you will find vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, milks, large jars of spices, gluten-free snacks, organic bulk items, ice creams, coffee beans, fish, oils, miscellaneous dish wear and cook books. I thought it was so cool how every area was designed or themed. There was a table of jams, variety of nuts, an entire shelf of spices, an organic bulk area, and my personal favorite: the pasta table. The pasta table had different types of pasta, tomato sauces, fresh ravioli in the fridge nearby, and there were even wooden spoons on the table; definitely inspiration for an Italian dinner. I thought Our Table utilized the small area very well. Some would say everything seemed cluttered, but I thought it was cute and cozy. The seating areas, free coffee, natural sunlight, delicious smells from the kitchen, friendly staff, and trendy decorations all added to the cozy feel of the place. Our Table’s goal is obviously to encourage people to eat local and support their communities. I thought the grocery store was a great way to showcase some of the produce the farm grows and to also share foods and snacks being made in the local area. Our Table’s farm and grocery store is the perfect way for people to see their food being grown and to also change their eating habits in a way that benefits them and their local community.

  1. Have they thought about expanding the grocery store?
  2. Are they partnered with other farms?
  3. Where does the wine come from?
  4. Have they thought about opening up a café?
  5. Is the milk from their cows?
  6. Is the ravioli handmade in their kitchen?
  7. Does Our Table advertise their grocery store?
  8. Are they using the space above the store?
  9. How much of the items being sold are made on the farm?
  10. Why did they choose to have a seating area inside?

– Lilly Saeteurn


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