Farm Field Report

I choose the community space outside of the grocery store. The community space consists of four tall wooden poles and lights that hang in between them so when it is night time the community space will be noticed.  Inside of the wooden poles are a pile of hay where people could sit on, and that was about all that made up the community space. The wooden poles stood out because they were so tall and they actually resembled wood from a far distance which made this space seem like it belonged on the farm. The lights are really pretty and when I first walked up to the posts my eyes shot up at the lights. The dimensions of this place seemed like the poles were in a square. The hay in the middle of the community space seemed very lonely, like something was missing from the area. I also noticed that the ground was very un-even so when it was dark outside, people would have to keep looking down and watch where they are walking. One thing to note was that the concrete that the tables sat on stood out, but not in a good way, the concrete just seemed out of place since this was a farm and even a dirt floor would have looked better. With a few changes this place could connect to the community more, and bring people together. This space is supposed to make people feel more connected with nature and the food that they are eating, so making it more appealing to people will enhance this experience.

some of the questions I came up with were: why is there concrete under the tables? how is the community space supposed to make people feel? do they cover up the wooden poles space when it rains? what kind of events do they have at the community center? are people expected to wear boots in the community center because of the rain? are there speakers outside, if not why? are the poles made from wood in Oregon? do the workers feel a sense of community when they look at the community center? is there a person in charge of designing this space? will it cost too much to level the ground off?

-Maxine W.


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