Farm Report

A few things I noticed about the farm was that it seemed very bland, I focused on the entryway and I felt like it had a lot of potential. I thought that the wire fence was a bit dangerous for a family friendly environment. I thought that the garden boxes and garden near the door could use some work. I didn’t like seeing the fields on either sides, I think a wall would make it look a bit better. Another thing I noticed was the flags and sign looked a bit odd, the sign wasn’t eye catching, and the flags were just random. I think it can be made into something a lot more eye catching and inviting. I thought that if the farm wants to have more people coming to the farm it needs people to be attracted to the idea of going, they need an incentive to drive all the way out there. I thought if they had signs and promotion telling people the activities they could do on the farm it would make more people come. I know if I was driving by the farm I wouldn’t really notice it was there unless I was specifically looking for it. I almost missed the entrance because the farm wasn’t eye catching or even necessarily inviting. I thought that it could have used more of a gate, or big sign to draw attention. The first things I thought was the farm should have something out front that would make people WANT to stop and visit, even if it wasn’t a planned visit.


1.) Do you have a relationship with surrounding farmers?

2.) What do you want to do with the entrance?

3.) What is your opinion of the entrance right now?

4.) What activities are available on the farm?

5.) Would you consider expanding activities?

6.) Where do you see the farm in 10 years?

7.) What do you think draws people to your farm right now?

8.) What concerns you most about your farm right now?

9.) What do you think the first area you’d like to work on is?

10.) What is your budget?

11.) What do you want to emphasize about your farm?

Makenna Bell



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