Grocery Store

The grocery store has many random sections within it. Once you walk in you see some shovels and detergent, mainly home items. When you also walk in you also see a lot of wine bottles. From there you need to turn right and you are in the grocery store. Obviously in a small space you are limited to the organizing the area. In the store the items from home to dairy to alcoholic beverages. In the store there are refrigerators with fresh vegetables, as well as dairy products that go from yogurt to beer and wine. The store has a large variety of items which is amazing and that should be the case, however it is awfully overwhelming. I also felt like it was poorly organized and it adds to the overwhelming feeling of shopping at the grocery store. I noticed that they tried to have a great diversity of products as well as they try not to have only products from the farm but from other local organic brand and farms.


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