My Farm Field Report

The grocery store had a very healthy, zen vibe that was given off by the niche organic material that surrounds the products. From the floor boards to the window sill, everything other than the few things made with plastic looks as if it could have been made on the farm the old-fashioned hand-craftsman way. I found the children’s drawings to be very cute and the table miniature table even cuter. I noticed the carts were not all identical and did not even slightly embody the nature theme that the Our Table had presented. I feel as though some niche carts made of bamboo or completely abstract or artsy styled would make the place over the top relaxing. I noticed they sell things like gardening tools and animal feed. They even had bird seed samples. There was cooking supplies like pots and pans. I did not understand what the kitchen was for and why the chef inside kept making trips to and from the store. The produce looked very nice and yet still much like what I would see at any other grocery store; I think Our Table’s would taste a lot better though. I noticed thinks like organic Cherry Bark cough syrup and organic chocolate chips; I didn’t even know there could be organic chocolate chips. There were fine looking yogurts and milks and tasty looking juices. There were also unfiltered juices, which I have been looking for many years to find again. I finally found what I have been craving for years.

(1) What vibe do they want to give?

(2) How do they want the customer to navigate the grocery store?

(3) Why are the food carts different?

(4) Why are there plastic and raw materials mixed for decoration?

(5) What products are high-priority to sell?

(6) What is social in the grocery store?

(7) What is their loyalty system?

(8) How does one join the co-op?

(9) Why do the farmers there do this (work/live there)?

(10) Why is the farm located there?



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