Our Table Pond

The area I chose to analyze about is the pond, because almost every aspect of the place itself is ideal, making it even better if other neat features are added. I find it pretty cool how the oak tree is literally near the edge of the pond, because the place would look more pleasant if Our Table could just move the community space over to there. In my opinion the community space looks so boring due to the fact that it lacks a lot of features like tables or benches.But if the community space were to be integrated near the pond, add some stuff like chairs for people being able to sit down without laying in the grass,lights near the dock & bridge so it’s not hard to see when it’s dark outside, a fire pit so maybe when there’s a celebration or a gathering around, it could be fun to hang out and chill, and maybe a trail that goes to the pond while glowing or lighting up making it look more fancier. It would definitely make the farm and specifically the pond more ‘lively’.

Also if you look closer to the pond there seems to be a little stream or river connecting to it, but it’s hard to see because of all the uncut grass and weed there are. So if possible try and trim the grass and get rid of the weed so that it looks ‘welcome friendly’. 

I really wished there were some fishes or aquatic creatures living in the pond, because for some reason I didn’t see any signs of life in the giant mass of water. So another thing I would suggest is maybe adding some fishes possibly?

-Kevin Huynh


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