Our Table’s Grocery Store Entrance

The area of our table I focused on observing is the Grocery store specifically the entryway and what you first see when entering the store. It is not a tiny space but not huge either. Right inside the doors there is a bulletin board. On said bulletin-board there are a few different postings, all of which are very bland coloring. There is a seating area with two chairs for adults and a little table. There’s also a couple chairs and a table for children right past that. The walls in the store are very plain  except for a few childrens paintings posted and a few things like a rope and a tree branch. There was wine set up right inside with a chalkboard set up in the middle of the display which had a quote on it.  The store itself is a nice way to connect people directly to the farm their food is coming from.

When thinking of the design of this area I had a few question. First few questions are more big picture . Such as, Who is this store being aimed at? What are we trying to show through the design? Should we focus on the social aspect or the local aspect more in this area? And how do we focus on whichever aspect?  What are the values of the farm? Then there are a few smaller questions that come to mind. For example, should there be more seating? Should we organize the area differently? Should wine be the first thing a customer sees when walking in? Should their be more artwork/color? What would bring attention to their postings that they want people to pay attention to? I think that all of these questions are going to help in redesigning this area.

-Whitney Plantz


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