Room For Improvement

Experience. Creativity. Sharing. Family. Color. Memories. Joy. Uniqueness. Diversity. Thought. These words and so many more come to mind when I think of community. Yet, when I look at this desolate and sad area, I don’t see, nor do I sense any of these things. To me, this space looks unfinished and lacks so many things that would take no more than a simple fix. Nothing in or near this vicinity of a couple picnic tables on the back patio say “community space.” I find this to be a bit ironic, sense community is one of the aspects Our Table claims they value so much. They have an entire farm to work with, but have chosen to use only a small portion. The theme I notice is absence. 

This element of the farm should be in my opinion, the most clear about who Our Table is. Being attached to the back of the grocery store full of local, fresh, and tasty food–it should make the customers feel excited about knowing where their food comes from and supporting the growers in their area. They should begin to understand the concept that buying and eating food is a shared experience that has an effect on more people than just themselves, in addition to the environment and the animals. So that as they go to take a huge bite of their non-gmo, fair trade chocolate bar, and the creaminess and smoothness of the chocolate begin to melt in their mouth, they can be satisfied not just the delectable taste, but with the knowledge of knowing why those things are so important.

Again, I don’t think that this would require a whole ton of work. The nice thing is that they already have a pretty base to build and spread ideas off of. I think that the lights add a really good touch to the area. I also believe that the red color of the grocery store and white trim complement the beautifully stained picnic tables and concrete nicely.

As you can see, the community space isn’t stopping anyone from having a good time, but of course there is always room for improvement. It’s all a matter of choice. You can choose to be average or you can choose to redesign what is bound to make a lasting, more memorable experience; I think I like the second option better.


About Carly Newberg

I drink coffee to stay awake, run to relieve stress and find my strength in God. I sometimes speak too loudly of the things I'm passionate about, and believe in good morals and modesty. Dark chocolate, vintage clothes, music and cool pens are only a few of the things that make me smile.

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