Simply Potaotes: A Dead End

Overall my research for the products was incredibly difficult. I started my search when I picked up the item at Safeway, when the my curiosity of prepackaged frozen food striked me. What I didn’t realize is that my curiosity for that type of food would still be a mystery for me.  I started my research with the Simple Potatoes and receive little to no information. Most I learned was a brief description of their company and what they make. What I did discover was a chain of companies that owned Simply Potatoe. I discovered that all the little companies are owned by the company Post, which I wasn’t surprised by.Most food brands are owned by Post Overall I found little to nothing on the products, and focused my ereach on what I could find about the companies. even then, most companies didn’t inform about the product or the process.

After trying everything, I came up with a dead end. It would be hard to consider trying this product if I don’t even know how it’s made or really anything about it. It was funny to hear in class that someone has the exact same problem when it came to research about potatoes. It’s interesting to compare my project to other peoples’ in class. To see a company who really tries and shows what their product is about, and one that goes out of it’s way to hide it.


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