The Community Area

When visiting our table we were told to choose one area to observe in depth and I was drawn to the “Community area”. I split the community area into three parts. The tables directly outside the store, the flowerbeds, and the large grassy area with the upright logs.

When I first saw the area I was a little disappointing. All the flowers were dead, the logged off area had nothing, and the tables were large and cumbersome to use. Over all the areas didn’t seem to promote community at all. The area was very dim and uninviting. There was nothing to really do but sit and look at dead flowers and wet hay.

To improve this area I think it needs something that has never failed to bring people together in my experience. Food. A good meal and people have never failed to create a sense of community. Whether it’s a potluck or barbecue food is an amazing way to bring people together.


-Logan H. Sanchez


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