Unfinished Business-Farm Field Report

First impressions are everything. If you look dirty, unfinished, or even boring, no one will take the time to come over. While at the farm Our Table, I chose to observe the entrance space. I focused a lot on the barn market itself. How its unique structure, covered in red and wet brown, complemented the farm and the space surrounding it. It was a delightful sight to the eye. Except there was one splintering problem with it. On the front side of the barn, high on the structure, there’s a hole. A gapping hole, one that could be filled with the farm’s logo. I was so irritated with it that I took the pleasure of photoshopping their logo into this gapping hole. And it looked a 100 times better. So my question is why they haven’t put their logo up there yet?

If one were to look at the side of the barn market, one would see a run-off water garden. I am a bit of an environmental nerd, so I was curious as to why they only had one water garden. For a farm it’s beneficial to have at least 2 or 3, but I was still satisfied that they were trying to be environmental friendly. Although it was quite clear that this water garden was still not finished. Why? What happened? A lot of the farm, the entrance in general, looks unfinished.  Instead of having a long entrance road leading to a farm, have a long entrance road leading to a new experience. Add some art, culture, appeal to the community, and give us a reason to come back.

~Jordyn R. M. Battersby


About MadBatty

I have been described as many things. A tom boy, a nerd/ geek, an artist, a wisdom giver, a dreamer, an Otaku (anime and manga lover), and a little bit batty. The story of my past is one that must be told in person. So I'll just tell you that I have two moms, who've been divorced since I was 5. I used to be an F student but now I'm an honor student. And I've had a lot of strange things happen to me in my life. All in all, I am proud of who I am and no one can ever take that away. You can beat me till death but I will never give up. Besides you don't want me haunting your ass. This is my life. This is who I am. What more would you like me to say?

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