Community Space



      Going out to visit Our Table was a nice experience that helped me understand somewhat the idea of running a farm. This farm consist of a grocery store, community space, land and few greenhouses. What really caught my attention was the community space. It caught my attention because,it is a really nice space as it is, but there is not much going on that attracts people to it. The community space  is built up of six wood trunks, one in each corner and two in the middle forming a square  that gives a very spacious area. There is lights hanging all around and across the trunks giving it a really nice decorative touch to the area. The area also,contains  hay that is placed in the middle and a sort of fire pit in one of the corners. Although, the area is very plane you can camputer an idea of what people could potentially do, the hay in my opinion is a very comfortable form of chair and the fire pit; I believe is meant to bring people together and talk while relaxing and enjoying food, family and friends. As a result, Our Table, is a place full of life, and a place that could make many things happen. I really enjoyed learning and exploring the different things the farm provides and getting to see how friendly the people are and how passionate they are about what they are doing, regardless of the hard work it takes to run a farm.


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