Community Space

After physically being at the farm of Our Table, I have decided on redesigning the community area out of the three choices we could’ve chosen from. Though the driveway obviously needed work done to it to make it feel inviting, I feel that the area needing the most work would be the community space. For a farm company based on the community, where and how does the area make the people feel? It sure didn’t feel like an area for the community to me, it felt as if it was just there just because. The space wasn’t engaging at all. There were no pathway leading to it, no signs whatsoever saying it’s the “community space” and overall it was just an area that had hay bales in the center. It was really disappointing to me being that I wasn’t invited into the space by anything. I didn’t even know what the area was until I was told what it was. Like, what do people do with hay bales just sitting around, why are there lights hanging from one end to the other? If so there’s events that happen within the area, how does it happen? Do people actually have fun when there are events or is it just a “hey i’m here, yay i’m here, now can I go home” kind of feeling? It’s just so ironic to hold an event where there’s no pathway, just a hill that’s somewhat steep. Also, if people dance, how do they dance with the unleveled ground? It’s like someone could sprain their ankle. I feel this space needs to be focused on the most especially if it’s so called meant to be a community area. It’s good to actually make people feel invited.

April Mae Balisacan


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