Farm Feild Report

The area I chose to redesign in the front entrance to the farm/driveway. The two plots of land surrounding the driveway aren’t owned by Our Table farm so the drive way is necessary to the entrance of the farm. The area consists of a long paved driveway with parking spots along the right side. The very front of the entrance has a small sign that says; “Our Table” and two red flags on either side of the driveway. One of the first things I noticed was the small sign, the red flags seemed to take attention away from the sign but still brought attention to the entrance of the farm which was helpful. The flags were the only colorful part of the front of the farm which wasn’t representing the bright and colorful contents of inside of the farm. Either side of the driveway has piles of dirt and leaves and on the right side (facing the farm) there is a large old plow that seems to be decoration. The driveway is about fifty years long and is a hefty walk, conveniently the parking is much closer to the farm itself. The width of the driveway is about ten feet and has about a two or three foot space between the road and the fence that is owned buy the neighboring properties. I think the parking spot themselves are visually appealing and work efficiently to their use and I cant in vision much change for the parking area, mostly just the very front and the side of the driveway. This area is important because it welcomes people to the farm and is their first impression of Our Table.

  1. Who maintains this area?
  2. Is is usually prettier in the summer time?
  3. Do you ever run out of parking?
  4. Does anyone have a hard time finding the farm?
  5. How is your relationship with the farms around Our Table?
  6. What is your goal for the first impression of Our Table?
  7. Any flowers we could plant that could help bring bee or other farm friendly bugs?
  8. What is your favorite part about the front as it is?
  9. Would putting plants in be too difficult to maintain?
  10. Do large truck come through the front entrance?

–Hannah Williams


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