Farm field Report

When driving up to “Our Table”, the entrance and the driveway has very little attraction. Since the farm is in Sherwood, more information should be given in order for the customers to know that they have arrived to “Our Table”. Pulling into the drive way and seeing the entrance to the farm, there is a medium sized sign stating “Our Table” that is one the corner between the driveway and the side of the road. Tall red flags are present on either side of the driveway. The driveway is long and narrow, allowing twelves sections of parking on the right hand side, looking towards the grocery store, with having five parking spots in each section. At the front of the driveway, there is a piece of farm machine that is known to be a seeder. The driveway, itself, is in between two sections of land that is not owned by “Our Table”.  There is no indication of where the line falls between all three properties. The space does connect to the farm but not necessarily in a way where it creates a relationship to the people. The front entrance lacks the presentation and indication that it is “Our Table”. Exploring further to the main grocery store on the farmland, it is not stated that you are entering the store. People who are new comers might be unaware on where to proceed and whether or not this is actually “Our Table”. In this case, there is an absence of communication between the farm and the people that is joining “Our Table”.

-Mikaelyn Sych


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