Farm Field Report

OurTable is a cooperative that is owned and operated by its members that have a goal to encourage local farming.The communal space at OurTable is very large and open to the public. The space has a lot of potential to be better with minor changes, however, it is currently at a simple stage of design. I would estimate the space to be 100 ft. by 50 ft. although I am unsure of its height. When you walk up to the space you will see poles, lights, bales of hay, and a grassy floor. The first thing your eyes are drawn to are bales of hay that are lumped into one area. The bales of hay can be very dangerous as the hay is sticking out of line and can injure someone as they try to sit down on them. The next feature that stands out are the wooden poles that can be found on the edges of the area. They seem to act as a border and a way for the lights to be strung across the top of the area. The concept of these lights are both practical and visual but could possibly pose as a safety hazard as well due to them being hung in an open fashion. When used safely they can illuminate the space beautifully at night. The ground is a mixture of both short, constantly trimmed grass and dirt. I do not think this is a good design for flooring as it could inconvenience those who are using the space, namely the community. One thing I noticed a lack of is a roof to cover the area from rain. This could be very dangerous as the lights do not look like they are easy to take down every time it rains. They would not be able to light the space at night if it rains.

-Cindy Yu


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