Farm Report

For my farm field report, our class went to Our Table farms. A small farm that focuses on produce with a small grocery store to sell their and other providers goods. My focus of research was of the entrance of the farm that leads to the entrance of the grocery store. The driveway itself is very unimpressive. It’s a thin piece of land that is side by side of other pieces of property. It has a small little red sign with it’s logo that is rather hard to see from the side of the road. It has small decoration with three bales of hay and a small seeder. The entrance also has two thin red flags, that match colors of the logo.

The problems with this parking lot is two things, parking and showing what the building is. The entrance tells nothing about the farm itself. Passing the farm would not inform a passing by car. The parking lot is located right by the grocery store, but is on the driveway. The design for leaving and entering the farm is made so cars will either block each others or be put uncomfortable positions.

On the positive side, the thin stretch of road creates an interesting view of the entire farm. The farm uses of red is also impressive and creates an interesting logo an image of the farm. The stretch of road also creates an opportunity for repetition with red flags.

Overall I will be trying to use all these aspects and see them as advantages. I hope to create a very inviting entrance that’s comfortable to park and drive in.

Noah Capell


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