Field Report

FullSizeRenderOur Table strives to build a friendly atmosphere of community. This is apparent in the way customers are treated, like friends rather than buyers. Their focus on community is represented in the space they have reserved for it. The outdoor community space encourages people to spend time on the farm to socialize with others and enjoy their environment. The current layout of the area is lacking. It is kept very minimal, with a few wooden poles, Christmas lights, and hay bales. The hay bales make up seating space, but it appears somewhat random and sloppy, and in need of a structural design. It is a pretty large area, so there is a lot of potential to its design, and change is needed. Located outside the grocery store and near the farm’s crops, it offers a nice view of the entire farm. The community space gives people somewhere to go after shopping, creating incentive to stay. It gives customers and workers a great place to spend their leisure time, interact, and encourages connections to be formed.

Why does the ground look so inconsistent?

Is the space accessible to everyone?

How is it affected in various weather, season to season?

What kind of events can be held there?

How does it promote the farm?

What is the significant of its location?

How does it encourage social interaction?

What structure does the space need?

How does one feel when in the space?

How does the environment affect the design of the area?



About valerie

my dream job is to be an artist but i also want to live on a vegetable farm once i turn 40.

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