Grocery Store Field Report

The Grocery Store at the Our Table farm had a lot of interesting things inside of it, but was kind of small and had some other problems with it. Even though it is just a grocery store and basically serves that purpose fine, the layout of the items and the way the store used space seemed kind of inefficient to me. The store kind of had all kinds of products everywhere with no real order to things, with the exception of having all of the fresh produce in one spot. The area to the left of you when you come in the front of the store seems almost wasted as it is right now. I think that the space would probably be better used for more space for groceries, especially since the main area feels so crowded. If they dedicated the area more towards a space to eat food that you buy in the store that would also be something better that they could do with the space, but seeing as there are only two chairs to sit in there the space just feels a little weird inside a store. I noticed the lighting in the store was a bit dim, but with daylight coming in through the windows the lighting was ok, but I thought that if it were any darker out the store would probably feel too dim.

My Top Ten Questions:

What is the purpose of the store?

Who is the store for?

What kind of stuff do you want to sell?

What do you want to sell the most of?

Does the store have a specific idea in its layout?

Should there be more seating?

Should there be more products on display?

How should the items be organized?

Does the store accommodate as many people as possible?

Is the environment of the store comfortable/ideal for its purpose?


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