Our Table

Our Table Cooperative has the just touched the beginning of something great. To grow one’s own food in today’s society is something many people do not think of. Food grown by one’s self can be much better than store bought groceries today. This is what Our Table is making possible for people in their community. Our Table is giving them the chance to care more for themselves and more for the environment. During the field trip there, we evaluated a few parts of the Coop. My choice was the community area towards the back. I observed that this space was very desolate. Not much inhabited the area aside from some poles hanging lights and some bales of hay which were soggy and damp. Aside from that, the area looked very open and bursting with opportunity. There is plenty of room for activities and plenty of space for renovations. To the farm as a whole, the community space can be very valuable especially if utilized properly. They could host fundraisers there, host weddings, business getaways, church get togethers, etc. It has the potential to be the hub of the farm if the proper care and work is put into making it such. Because of this, it really has an impact on the people it can serve. There is possibility that it could be turned into something like a farmers market on certain days or even turned into a stage for concerts and plays. The abilities that the community space has to improve Our Table’s Coop are rather immense, and I have plenty of ideas to lend a helping hand.Image-1-1


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