Our Table at a Glance

With my first glance of the entrance, I thought to myself “this is the farm? Well, okay.” It looks like a farm, like any other. People drive by farms a lot and think nothing about it, because it’s a farm. I guess farm owners don’t have enough time to think about their presentation? The presentation seems superficial when the main reason you go to the farm is to get locally grown food, but it still has such a high level of importance when you’re going to want customers and to spread the idea of local buying. With that being said, the things that stand out is the red sign, the two flags, and of course the store at the end of the parking lot. I feel like it’s not connected to other parts of the farm. Designers use color and repeating patterns for unification and there are only two red flags and a red sign in the driveway entrance. I thought we could have more red flags along the sides of the property to unify the area as “Our Table.” Not only does it offer the idea the area being visually attractive, but it makes “Our Table” feel like its own farm, separating itself from the others. Of course, I don’t exactly know Our Tables’ goals. Maybe my ideas do not fit their image of what they want to be, and that’s important when designing something that’s supposed to reach out to others.

Anyway, the entrance is something that Our Table should want to attract people in and make them feel invited. It’s just as a good author writes their first paragraph with the idea to make the reader interested. Album, book, website, and movie covers do make an impact.

Nikolas Pahomsky

Questions for Our Table

These are not numbered based on importance.

  1. How much money are you willing to spend on more aesthetics?
  2. Do you like the like the idea of a mascot?
  3. If so, what kind?
  4. Which foods do advertise the most?
  5. Why did you have the parking lot that way?
  6. What are you going to use that ditch next to the store for?
  7. How are you connected to other farms, would you heavily advertise that?
  8. How far would you want to expand your farm or store in terms of business agreements with other farms?
  9. Would you put the logo on your store?
  10. How much of the store is a collaboration with other farms?

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