Our Table Community Space

The space that I chose was the community space behind the store. The community space is primarily located up on a slight hill, and includes a summertime flower garden and a gathering space, as well as a seating area just behind the grocery store. At the present time, the gathering space is only an area defined by six posts with lights strung between them. This area is roughly forty-five feet wide by ninety feet long. The gathering space is used for anything from weddings to farm dinners to hay forts during the fall season. There is also a small seating area near the backside of the store underneath an overhang, which I would assume is also part of the community space. However, there is a slight disconnect between the two spaces due to distance and the fact that there is an elevation change. In order to get from the seating area to the rest of the gathering space, the easiest path is to go up a dirt ramp, but you need to go in the opposite direction of the gathering space in order to get to the bottom of the ramp. The other faster, more direct option would be to scramble up the small hillside, which can be rather muddy and slippery.


The summertime flower field is also part of the community space, though during the wintertime, this area is rather bleak and unattractive. During the summertime, this area is covered with flowers and has a path that winds through it for guests to enjoy. There are a few of small trees near the centre of the circular patch. Obviously the farm doesn’t get as much use during the winter, but the flower field is a bit desolate to look at, especially since much of the old growth has been left behind.


One of the things that I did notice was that the ground was very muddy and uneven. This made it hard to walk around in the gathering space at some points. The only groundcover that protects from the mud and dirt is patchy grass and weeds. During the rainy season, the ground gets very muddy. There is also very little protection from rain and other elements — the only protected area is the seating area by the store. This would mean that many of the events that go on in the community area are very dependent on there being good weather.


Overall, there are, currently, a lot of uses for the space; I was talking with Betsy, and she was saying that there are a lot of events that go on in the community space, including the occasional wedding, dinners for the farm members, and activities for kids during festival type events. Betsy was also saying that one of the things she would love to see for the space is a square dancing area, which is not doable in the present condition of the space.


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