Our Table at a Glance

20160210_111558The other day I went to a farm 45 minutes outside of Portland run by Our Table, an organization aimed towards educating students about the benefits of healthy farming and providing them with an experience that they don’t get much of in urban life. They gave us a tour through their greenhouses, around their small fields, and in their store. Afterwards, I was given the task of observing the farm’s entrance. There is about 200 feet of driveway from the main road to the store. Luckily, their neighbors don’t have a ton of trees blocking vision of the store from the main road. However, the area looks very bleak. The fences are chain-link and aesthetically invisible. The sides of the driveway are coated with old leaves from the previous Autumn. The trees are bare and everything is grey. The driveway has a parking lot along one side of it coated with gravel which is good. However, the gravel is overgrown with weeds. The wood posts used to line up the parking spaces and box around the trees looks waterlogged and old. I thought of some solutions.
If the fences are part of Our Table’s property, they should consider replacing it with white picket fence. It will complement the red barn and create a beautiful white line down the driveway. The leaves need to be picked up and grass should be planted on the side of the driveway opposite of the parking lot. They should pick up the gravel, place a weed mat on the ground over the weeds, and lay the gravel back down. The gravel will be more inviting for people to park on instead of the weeds. The wood posts should (at least) be stained to protect them from the rain and leave a nice rustic look around the trees and another beautiful line that follows down to the barn. The lines drawn by the white picket fence and the parking lot will make the driveway seem like a red carpet.

10 Questions:

  1. Do you believe the entrance is important to the perseverance of your farm?
  2. What theme would Our Table prefer in terms of color scheme and artistic design?
  3. Do you have apple trees?
  4. Would you pay for bricks?
  5. Would it be worth the risk and maintenance to have apple trees above the road?
  6. How nice are your neighbors?
  7. Do you have access to a bulldozer?
  8. Can your soil grow grass well?
  9. Do you get good business in the Summer?
  10. Do you get better business in the Fall?

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