My Time at Our Table

While touring Our Table, I became fascinated with their community gathering space. I figured that this space would be a perfect muse for my redesign project. The space itself was quite large and also quite empty. The social area is a big, open, 30 x 60 rectangle, directly outside of the store. There’s really not much to it except for some string lights, wooden posts, and bales of hay. Aside from it’s current boring appearance, I still found so much inspiration from the hidden potential of this space.

The thing that stood out to me the most was actually the spring lights that were hung across the wooden beams that lined the perimeter of the space. I very much so enjoyed the arrangement of the lights in the criss-crossed pattern, and I also liked the choice of the lights themselves. They looked very pinterest-ey and cute and it really reminded me of having backyard bonfires in the summer with fairy lights strung everywhere.

I see this space to be used to connect the farm as a whole because at the end of the day when everyone’s worn out from a long days work, this can be a space everyone can come to reconnect, relax, and rehash their days. I feel like this is important to the farm because it creates a sense of family within the company which makes for a tighter knit team. This sole purpose of this space is to be for the people and I think that’s a really cool feature of Our Table.IMG_1706.JPG


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