Our table Entrance

At the entrance of the farm, there is a sign that has the Logo of the farm’s name with the description of “on-farm grocery” and an arrow pointing down the way to the grocery. Below on the same sign, they had something that I thought was important; the store hours. I realized that this was important because the driveway was about one hundred yards long and so it would be disappointing to find out that they are closed all the way down at the store. Below on the ground, a few rectangular bales of hay are stacked. Proceeding further and before entering the driveway, there are two red flags the stand approximately 3 meters tall. Something that stands out to me is a decorative piece that looked like an old rusted horse hay rake. It sits on the right side at the front of the driveway, and on the grass area where further behind begins the parking lot.

First of all, the farm doesn’t look to me much different than other farms I see around Portland area. I even know a few farms with long driveways and they all seem to make the farm somehow unattractive and boring looking. It’s a just a long and open area, with nothing going on there. The entrance is a really important part of a farm, because this is what people first see. Once you see the entrance, it is easy to assume that the whole farm is like that.

Moisey Bezukhov


1.      Why are there two big red flags at the entrance?

2.      Can there be anything done to the entrance to make the farm attractive and feel more welcoming?

3.      How many people stop by each week?

4.      Why are there piles of leaves on the side?

5.      Why is the parking lot designed the way it is?

6.      How can the parking lot be redesigned to fit more cars?

7.      Is it possible to make the driveway feel shorter?

8.      Why are there bales of hay at the entrance?

9.      Can something be planted on the sides to give the driveway a better look?

10.   How can the farm sign be more eye-catching?

How can the farm sign be more eye-catching?


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