Our Table Visit

I chose to focus on the grocery store at our table. What I observed about the store was how the items were set up. The item didn’t seem to match how a typical grocery store would be setup . I noticed most of the items were stacked on top of each other. (Canned beans) The lighting of the grocery was very dimly lit and had natural light coming from the window of the farm. I wondered why the window had existed in the first place in the grocery store, since there wasn’t a view to glance at. What stood out to me was there was no sign outside the grocery store, advertising it. At first glance, I thought it was a storage area for farm tools. Although the grocery store could use some improvements, I think it’s a great addition to the farm. I see this space as a great way for people to have a taste at the natural food whenever they come to  visit the farm. With some improvements, I think the grocery store will be packed with customers. In result, the revenue can go back into the Our Table budget, for improvements.  



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