The Our Table Farm Experience

During the Trip to Our Table Farm, I was tasked with picking one of three area and writing a small excerpt about it. I was to write about three things it’s what it is, Quantitative properties and its qualitative properties to fully capture the essence of what Our table Farm is and what it’s values hold.

The plot of land that I first gazed upon greater me with a blank stare of empty ness the entrance tho the property was only bare fields. I was told previously that we would be treated by a farm and was exited to get out the city. I step off the bus after it stop to smell the fresh air and was greeted with the same familiar scents of home. We toured the farm and the center spoke to me with it simplistic design and towering pylons of wood. The man speaking, giving the tour told us this was a good gathering place where they hope to put table and maybe a fire pit and that’s where it hit me. This center piece, this place so simple had so much that could change about it. It was an un-molded lump of clay and I felt like a sculptor ready to dig my hand in and change things.

The plot of land was roughly 30ft by 60ft and was currently the storage for the farm as it was just a plot of land with hay bales on stand nothing more, thought it looked as if it could house events and other gathering because it seemed like it had the necessary space for these events. The corner and length side centers were marked with large logs with light strung in every-which way. It was aligned with the kale and Brussels sprout garden. It was positioned about 50ft away from the farms store.

The grass of patchy with dirt showing here and there but the lights the hung over head told a different story. They spoke of farm dances under the moon light, gathering with friends by the bond fire and telling stories of times long gone, and the enjoyment of the outdoors in your own back yard. The view was amazing in all directions, the trees to the north, the blue berry fields to the east, the road and bare fields to the sound and to the west the most perfect sun set tucked behind a row of trees slow fading with distance. I saw the potential, I saw so much that could be and the things that hadn’t happened yet. On a personal note, The farm itself was great, I enjoyed the tour even if it was the express tour. It had a lot of the right messages and gave really good insight to the world of farming and agriculture. It reminded me a lot of my senior project as I had to do a GMO Vs non-GMO vegetable Pros vs Cons argument. As a student and man going into the future i can appreciate all that this farm does to educate the future.

  • Jack Merrett

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