Tracking My Food

Through tracking the origin of my food, I made a lot of fascinating discoveries. I chose to research the Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet pineapple. My search began in the produce section of Safeway. Among all of the fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce, I spied a huge pyramid of pineapple. Being that pineapple is my favorite fruit, I was instantly drawn to it. I found great inspiration in Safeway’s pyramid of pineapple for my food tracking project.

My search for information about my food started inside that downtown Safeway. The sign on the pineapple pyramid gave me the basic information that I needed to start my search. I found out who grew the pineapple that I chose to research, which was all I needed to start my investigation. My pineapple was a Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet, grown on the Del Monte pineapple plantation in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the world’s largest supplier and exporter of pineapples.

The only dead end I found with my product is that Del Monte didn’t have included online the exact pesticides used in their plantations. I feel that that information should be allowed to the public as it is their food and the chemicals they use affect our lives and wellbeing. I also found a hard time in finding the exact location of the plantation mine was grown on, but eventually I figured out that it was grown in Costa Rica. My feelings on this product have not really changed, pineapple is still my favorite fruit and I’ll love it till’ the day I die. IMG_1717


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