Farm Field Report

Driving up the farm the first thing you see is the entrance to the grocery store. It is the first impression of the farm that all its customers and those who wish to tour the farm see. The driveway is paved, but the place for parking and the most of everything else that surrounds the driveway is not. The only other part of the ground that is paved besides the driveway is a half circle pathway that leads into the grocery store. Inside the half circle side walk is some bark and planted shrubbery that at the moment of our visit was not blooming because it is still winter time. As you walk up the path way you get to the entrance of the grocery store. In front of the store there is a small sign that says the promotional features of the store and an awning above the store with the store sign. To the right of this smaller sign and entrance is another door that enters more towards the register area. In front of that door there is some chairs and a table and more plants on that table. Looking towards the driveway there is a field or pasture on the right and an undeveloped plot of land on the left. Fences border both of these plots of land, and also border the driveway. To the left and before the fence and undeveloped plot of land there is the parking lot for customers to park in. Looking back towards the grocery store there is a packaging/storage type building connected to the grocery store. By this building the gravel turns to dirt and there are doors for loading and unloading trucks. You can see from the outside that there are big industrial freezers in this room and many crates, some empty some with crops in them. Because of this is the first place seen when driving up to the farm it needs to have the atmosphere that the owners and employees wish to portray. Going to the grocery store it has a quaint and cute feeling about it. With the sign in front welcoming you in and the clean bright sidewalk it turned the dreary winter day into a pleasant afternoon trip. The long narrow driveway creates a nice view for photographs and has interesting depths to it. The fences help to create this depth by leading line pattern. The change from dirt to gravel was most likely a foundation solution or to provide a better transports on the road for the incoming trucks that transport the products. The glass doors provide a way for you to see what your expectation will be upon entering the store. You get a view without even having to walk in. The table outside provides a way to eat your lunch and enjoy the view with the prepared food that they provide in the store. The many foliage surrounding the area parallels the farm life and atmosphere that is happening around you when you enter for the first time or the hundredth time.

Octavia Wade


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