Our Table Grocery Store

The place that I chose for redesigning is the grocery store of the Our Table cooperative farm. A lot of things stood out to me about the grocery store. The arrangement of the tables and food items, the structure of the grocery store and the entrance grabbed my attention. In fact, the method by which they stacked things up in boxes made of paper mache and wood based on the weight and the requirement of the product fascinated me. Their decision of not using plastic bags and using cloth bags instead was very interesting. They had cloth bags of various sizes, cartons and wooden boxes all marked with the Our Table was something I observed. On one corner of the shop, they had a medium sized table that was used to serve the very traditional Our Table lunch. This space shared a very special connection with the farm as it was the place where all the produce of the farm was arranged and kept for the customers to view and select from. It was one of the most prominent sections of the farm where everything of the farm could be seen and bought. It had a special relationship with the people as well because of the same reason. The arrangement was partly based on what was the most sold so the store piled up its stock of wine at the beginning. I guess this section of the farm was mainly for customers to contemplate on what they wanted to buy and was also a place for the employees to display their entire collection of produce in a single attempt to its customers and investors and thus it is an important section of the farm.

Top 10 questions

Can the produce be rearranged in a different manner?

Is there any way to arrange things in a conventional way that people follow to buy their groceries?

Can there be any way to reduce the cost of the products that are displayed for sale in the grocery shop of Our table?

What is the distinguishing factor between the organic produce and non-organic produce?

How do they decide of what type of containers they use to store the produce?

Do the boards at the entrance attempt to serve any specific purpose?

Will restructuring the grocery shop in an attractive way influence more people?

Can the produce and attempt to encourage organic goods be enhanced by means of any better marketing methods?

What is the approximate dimensions of the grocery shop?

Is there any component that needs significant improvements in the employee`s point of view?


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