Farm Field Report

For our trip to “Our Table” we had to pick an area that we would like to redesign. I chose to redesign the community space because since Our Table is all about community I feel like that would be a great place establish the a sense of community. The current community space is small space that is open to the elements. The only thing there are the lights that hang from the wooden post in the ground. Also in the space are stacks upon stacks of hay bales, which I thought looked extremely messy. One thing that really stood out to me was the grass underneath in and around the space. The grass is kind of dead and brown which isn’t the most appealing thing we someone is looking for a nice place to sit. I think that if you took out the grass and laid down fresh, living grass. Then already you would be creating a more of a clean homey feel. The dimension of the space are no more than 30 ft by 40 ft. I think that this is worth noting because if Our Table wants to create more of a community. Than they are going to need expand the space; so there is room for the Our table community to grow with the growth of the farm. I think that this space connects with the farm because it’s the center of the whole farm. It’s the place where people gather. It’s also the farms best chance at being able to form a “community”. As of right now I feel like it doesn’t really have a relationship with people because it doesn’t have that nice community feel. It just feels like any other outdoor space.

Top Ten Questions:

1) What were your intentions for this space.

2) Why did you put the hay bails there? Seating?

3) Was this space meant for night? Because there is hanging lights.

4) Can we enclose the space?

5) What’s the scenery like at every angel different times per year?

6) How big should the community space be?

7) Should we make a fire pit?

8) How is this space going to represent the farm as a whole?

9) How do we create a community vibe?

10) Why don’t we lay new grass down?

Violet Gibson


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