Tracking My Food

The first place I went when trying to figure out about my product is go to Wikipedia because as much as it’s not a factual reliable source it gave me a general overview of everything about my product. Then I listed the more important ideas and concepts; so that I can do further research. From there I just googled everything that I need to but found more reliable sources. I hit a dead end when I realized that different chicken companies have different protocols. So that diminished the point I was trying to make. Another dead end that I hit was what they do with the leftover meat after its butchered. I wonder if they really do put the leftover meat in chicken nuggets. My product was chicken. So I feel the same about my product because I already knew what the meat industry was like. It wasn’t surprising finding cruel unsanitary conditions where animals live lives full of suffering and pain. I do see the factories slightly differently because I thought that they were the ones torching animals but one unexpected encounter that I found: most factories don’t raise their own chickens they get them from chicken mills. Another thing that makes me see the Tyson Chicken Company differently is all the butchered assembling lines which I found to be extremely gross because chicken is just sitting out, being man handles. It’s just a sick process. It did cause me to think differently about the company and I’m extremely happy to be a vegetarian.

By: Violet Gibson


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