Entrance Redesign

Someone coming towards the farm should immediately notice the colors: red, yellow, hints of white, and tons of green. The road sign just before the driveway has a few keywords, like “FRESH FARM PRODUCE” and “ON-FARM GROCERY”. As they turn into the entrance, they pass under a big wooden archway with a sign reading “Our Table”. The first thing to grab their attention should be the grocery store straight ahead. As they drive towards it, their eyes should naturally wander to sides. If they happen to look left, they’ll see a long row of bushes and flowers. During summer, these plants attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. If they look right, they’ll see the parking spots. Each section has five spots, and each section is divided by a planter. In each planter is one tree, with more colorful plants around it.

Parking itself is a simple thing. Just keep going down the driveway until a clear spot is found. No going up and down aisles, looking for that one spot. If it happens to be night or dark in some way, lamp posts light up the road, parking spots, and sidewalk. No matter where the customer parks, they have immediate access to the sidewalk in front of their spot. Along the walk are painted murals made by children; things they think of when asked about farms. To the side of the path is a rather plain cast-iron fence, something to just mark the property line. Between that and the sidewalk, however, is thin strip of even more flowers.

After they’ve done their shopping, they might notice the flowers and bushes on the other side again as they leave. The archway, now on the opposite side, says “Thank You!” and “Come Again!”.


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