From there to Here


As I was researching my product, I ran into a few problems, I originally started with Tillamook Ice cream. When I started my research I found that Tillamook cheese was the company major item, on the website I found that there wasn’t near the amount of information provided for the ice cream compared to the cheddar cheese. Realizing this I decided to change my product to medium cheddar cheese.

I began by visiting the website, I found that there was extensive information on the history, and the progression of the company, it directly told the story of the founding of the factory, how it grew, and how it functions today. It showed the process of how the farmers milk their cows, deliver the milk to the factory, and how the milk is turned to cheese within 24 hours of milking. The company is very up front with their production process and that is something I admire. The company I am sure has its secrets but for the most part they seem very up front and honest about their practices.

A major reason I think so highly of Tillamook is that they are farmer owned, and actually have viewing rooms that show the public their exact process, because of this I think people trust the company and the way it makes its products. I visited Tillamook and personally saw farmers delivering milk, then I saw the production process. Whenever I had a question it was very easy to find the answer. Of course they don’t expose their “secret ingredients” but I was very impressed by Tillamook as I began hearing about the other students difficult time finding out facts about the companies.

Makenna Bell


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