Redesigned Carts

I decided to check out what all the hype surrounding the OurTable farm was all about. Me, my wife and 3 daughters took a visit down and were pleasantly surprised. When we arrived we were greeted by what one could assume to be workers and they asked if we were looking for anything in particular. We said we wanted to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. They directed us towards the grocery store. We were pleasantly surprised by just how simple and niche the cute little store was. When we arrived we saw the miniature table and the beautiful architecture that was was the barn-shaped grocery store. There was a very earthy  feel with dark and brown paints and all wooden fixtures. There was even some neat brushed metal and welded wine racks in the shape of tree branches. I said “Honey, I think we’ll like it here.” I then looked for a cart and noticed 7 interesting looking carts. They were natural-looking wooden crates made of stick branches and long handles made of vines. It is shaped like a suit case and as odd as it sounds, it matches the vibe of the store. They were the coolest shopping carriers I have ever seen and something I certainly won’t forget. They look like profession DIY projects and not only were they functional, but they had the perfect size for my average amount of groceries on an organic shopping trip. Everything from the caveman esq wooden wheels to the craftsmanship of the vine handle made me very excited to go there again. I wish more local businesses would take the time and hard work to do a neat project like this that completely altered my experience.


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