A Park in a Farm

If someone were to see my redesign of the community area, I think the first things that would draw their attention to is the fountain in the flower garden and the hardwood patio. A family with children would see a few horseshoe pits and hay bales the kids could play on. An elderly couple would see a relaxing bench in the garden with the sound of water. A young couple would see the patio and see a perfect venue for their wedding. People in wheelchairs can also enjoy everything as well because of the sidewalks leading to each spot in the community area. Although it is not seen in the diorama, I originally planned to include a pumpkin patch for Halloween, an Easter Egg hunt, and a small family-fun water park.

Hopefully when people sees what the community area has to offer, it will create a sense of community, such as a park. Hopefully people will come to have fun and to spend time with family playing with the hay bales or relaxing with a picnic with organic food bought from the grocery store. Hopefully the farm could act as a venue that would attract people to book events using the patio space. What I hope to do with this community space is to do exactly what it is, to build a community within a space, so strangers could come together to play, have fun and use the food provided by Our Table to grow bonds, and to hopefully leave as friends.


~ Eric Dacosta Manilla


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