Our Table Redesign

IMG_0458When entering the farm, the first thing they would see is an arch that starts just to the side of the grocery store. This arch would be painted a red color with a sign that simply reads “trail to pond”. If they choose not to enter there and decide to go into the store first there will be another sign in the store near the back that also reads “trail to pond”. The trail itself will lead to the newly redesigned community space of the farm. The community space will be improved by having a wood flooring instead of the dirt, the pillars there would have lights on the them if needed such as an event in the evening. Picnic tables would be set up for community events. From the community space there will be a trail that extends out with a sign that reads “continue on path to reach pond”. The path from the community space to the pond will lead them on a brief tour of the farm grounds. On the trail there are wooden poles spaced out with lighting on each pole giving the person a clear path to follow, even in the evening. About half way to the pond there will be a fork in the road, that fork will lead to the blueberry fields. There will be a sign indicating where the fork takes you. If you take this road it will have some small areas where information is presented such as the history of the farm. The trail that leads to the pond will stop at the dock overlooking the pond. There is a bridge to cross to get to the oak tree which is massive in size. There are picnic tables by the tree that is set up as second community space that is very aesthetically pleasing. The area is very welcoming and the path to get there builds up the beauty of the area.

-Danny Truong


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