Our Table ReDesign

12082196_918683898200038_1417971692_oFrom the perspective of someone that would be visiting the farm the first thing that they would notice would the the huge sign and the arch. The sign would let the visitor know what Our Table is and what hours that they are open and operate at. The arch would let the visitor know what kind of products they have available during the time period that you visit and the arches would change depending on what season it is. When they would arrive they would see that everything looks colorful and professional and inviting. They would smile and their eyes would lighten up as they would approach the farm. They would have a sense that everything about the entrance is there for a reason and fits in place. They would be observing all of the colorful flowers and sculptures along the pathway that would lead to the farm. When they would leave they would take the experience that would most definitely be a positive one and they would come back.They would have a warm positive experience with the farm and be provided with information about Our Tables goal. The  project is to provide wholesome organic food for the community around them and would encourage everyone to eat foods that are beneficial for your body. They would see how much Our Table cares about the costumers  visit and the products that they take away with it. They would leave with a new found knowledge about food they might have not known before. They would also learn facts about how the farm operates and what type of methods are evolved in their farming techniques.

-David Kalas


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