Community Space ReDesign

Walking up to the redesigned community space, there is a sense of friendliness that makes me want to approach this space. The area has greenery surrounding it, with vibrant flowers adorning the sides. There are four large wooden pillars with a clear tent covering the sides and the top. Inside of the structure, I can see the outside world through its’ clear coverings. I can see the farm style store building, the surrounding crops of vegetables, the white greenhouses, and the mountains in the distance. At night, I would be able to see twinkling stars and the moon through the clear ceiling. At the center of the community space, there is a rectangular table. The table is decorated with maps and photos of the farm and the people working here. This shows me that the farm is not just a workplace, but also a community. In addition, it makes the space warmer and visually appealing. I sit around the table with other family and friends for a feast made from vegetables from the farm and products from its store, including a particularly delicious kale salad. As it gets darker outside, the community space brightens with lights strung in between wooden poles and candles lit in the center of our table. From the outside, the structure probably looks like a bright glow in the darkness. Everyone is laughing, eating, and admiring the beauty around us. I leave the community space with a full belly and a strong sense of community.

~Lena Rollins


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