My Farm Field Report – Community Space

As the title already stated, I chose the community space to observe and develop possible redesign solutions. The community space was relatively big, but also empty at the same time. The community space is made of six tall pillars, which seems to be made from trees. These pillars are all connected by strings of light bulbs at the top of each pillar. There was also no kind of roof for this community space, which could be a negative about it, since it rains quite a bit in that area of Oregon. Also, the plugs and cords that power the light bulbs are pretty much exposed to the weather, and without a roof to cover them from the rain, it could be a problem. The floor of the community space is also not leveled out in any way, so there are a lot of bumps and grooves. The thing that stands out to me the most about the community space is the fact that it was so empty when we saw it last, with the exception of a few leftover bales of hay. I think the community space is kind of the center of the farm, next to the grocery store. I think it’s a good way to attract more people to possibly be more interested in farming and agriculture, depending on how the community space is utilized. I feel like the community space is a place for everyone on the farm to gather and interact with each other and be able to talk about their experiences with the farm, and even participate in activities that Our Table may host.


  1. Why was the community space created?
  2. Who thought of making the community space?
  3. How long did it take to create it?
  4. What was the process?
  5. Did the final design dramatically change from the first initial design?
  6. What is its use intended for?
  7. How often is it used?
  8. How much did it cost to produce the community space?
  9. Why is there no roof?
  10. Why is it placed where it is?



– Andrew Mai


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