Family Farm-Our Table reDesign

As a family we’ve gone to many farms before, mostly pumpkin patches, but every year we’ve tried to go to a new one. This year we want to a farm called Our Table. When we had finished parking I hopped out of the car and saw tons of art on the fences surrounding the entrance. It was really cool. Some of the art was really good others looked like the masterpieces my little sister makes.

My dad lead us into the market but before we made it inside my parents stopped an looked at the two ditches filled with plants. They began talking an pointing at the ditches. I asked my dad what they were and he said, “They’re water run-off gardens. They collect the rain and help prevent a flood as well as making the soil better for the plants.” It was pretty cool not to mention I’m learning about how to be more friendly with the environment in class, so it was cool to see it in person. After we made our way into the big red and brown barn. Before going inside I looked up and saw a giant “O” on top. Mom told me that was their logo, which I mean makes a lot of sense since their name is Our Table. Before I walked inside I turned around, looking back at the fence artwork and the water gardens. I’m not much for regular community farms but this could be fun, plus I hear they have animals.

~Jordyn R. M. Battersby


About MadBatty

I have been described as many things. A tom boy, a nerd/ geek, an artist, a wisdom giver, a dreamer, an Otaku (anime and manga lover), and a little bit batty. The story of my past is one that must be told in person. So I'll just tell you that I have two moms, who've been divorced since I was 5. I used to be an F student but now I'm an honor student. And I've had a lot of strange things happen to me in my life. All in all, I am proud of who I am and no one can ever take that away. You can beat me till death but I will never give up. Besides you don't want me haunting your ass. This is my life. This is who I am. What more would you like me to say?

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