OurTable Redesign

Today I am driving to OurTable farm to take a look at where my food is coming from, after driving up hills and around turns in the Oregon country side I hope I can find the place. I turn the corner and see two red flags flapping in the wind on either side of a large arching wooden sign over a the driveway. The sign read “Our Table Farm” in big bold letters, I know I’m in the right place- its hard to miss! The driveway is lined with green bushes and beautiful bright flowers, putting me in a good mood right as I arrive. Feeling the life of what is being grown within the farm, I am already excited to see whats inside. Along the sides by the flowers there are large lights that brighten the driveway. Knowing OurTable does farm dinners over the summer the lights would be helpful to see down the driveway to the parking spots close to the front entrance of the store. They also brighten the space and add to the positive and upbeat vibe of the farm.


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