Tracking my Food Product from Here to There

I first started off my tracking report with trying to find the origins of donuts or doughnuts. I found out a lot of interesting facts about donuts, like the spelling of doughnuts to donuts was done by in the novel “Peck’s Bad Boy and his Pa” by George W. Peck, and that the hole in the doughnut was not part of the original invention, but rather an add on to the already finished product. Although, as I started  to get deeper into research I realized that there was a lot of people doing donuts and I wanted to do something a little different. I started to search around for some different foods to do my food tracking on, and then I came across the origins of yogurt. I could not believe what I found and decided that this was a good place to begin my new research on tracking the origins of yogurt.

I found out that yogurt was first “invented” by nomadic people who wanted to store milk without it spoiling. Although the true origins and time period are not known there are estimates on this information. The information found was that these nomadic people would store the milk in a pouch made out of the lining of animals’ stomachs this would cause the milk to curdle and this curdling system  would eventually lead to the yogurt we know today.

Yogurt did not also start off as a dessert item. It was first used solely for the medical uses it possessed, and there was no flavoring added to it as well. The sourness of yogurt was then countered with fruit when it became more of a delicacy and dessert meal for the wealthy.

Octavia Wade


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