Entrance Redesign

When I first get to the farm, I notice the big arch at the entrance to the driveway, it’s almost a typical wooden farm arch but has little fruit silhouettes on the top. There are metallic leaves wrapped around the posts and a little sign on the arch saying “Our Table”, there is also another sign on the side that is advertising their grocery store. As we drive up the driveway I notice all the trees with the lights wrapped around them, and the cool walls with murals made out of stone in them, the sides of the driveway are clean and there is some gravel paving that looks like it could be used as a pathway. The arch itself is big and has two lamp posts on its sides, obviously to light it up at night. When I look at it I automatically know that we are entering a farm, because that is the impression that it gives. We drive up and park in the parking spaces on the right side of the driveway and make our way into the farm. As we go around the farm I notice that the entrance arch matches the posts in the outdoor area as well as matching the color scheme of the farm as a whole. It looks like they’ve used the same posts to make the entrance and they took the lights so that the design would match. When we leave, we drive down the pink tree filled driveway and back under the arch on our way back home.

Cheyenne Hodgen


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