My Farm Field Report (Blog 3)

My experience to this place is very limited since I was sick on the day we took the field trip. From what I hear and see (photographs), I get a feeling that this place tries to be authentic and friendly. Uniquely having a custom farm, surrounded by a river is such an advantage! Also I love the fact they try to connect the dots between farmers and consumers. This is done by providing foods in their store, creating innovative farming tools, and providing local chef with local grown foods. The fact that they try so hard to make it easier for people to eat healthy foods is remarkable. One of the features they are working on is the online ordering and pick up at a specific location. This will ultimately reach out to people that’s a bit more remote.

blog 3.jpg
Local food box locations


  1. When was this place established?
  2. How many employees are there?
  3. How many farming tools are built?
  4. Will Local food box expand it’s locations?
  5. How long was this business running for?
  6. How many products do you guys carry?
  7. How many chefs do you guys work with?
  8. What are some future plans?
  9. Will the farm expand both business and physical property?
  10. Will the farm provide foods for common grocery stores?

– Kyung Turner


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