My OurTable reDesign (blog 4)

My goal for this project is to provide friendliness to consumers. My personal feeling is that the place has the authentic vibe and look, but feels a bit overwhelming for new comers. This bulletin board is designed to be interactive.

The visitors will first notice a few things, depending on what they favor. They include: vibrant colors, eatable samplers, re-writable surfaces (perhaps a humorous pun), and idea box. I am hoping to have this bulletin board in the same spot in store with carts or carrying basket near it. So in theory, visitors are pretty much pushed to look at the bulletin board, along with a delightful sampler they can eat. As they  eat, they notice the informative facts about the sample they are eating and where they can buy one, if they choose to. Next they will end up glancing on the news and updates. At this point, they probably won’t submit any experiences or idea into the box. After they shopped around a bit, maybe a inspiration strikes. This will force the visitor to come back to the bulletin board. Depending on their experience, they may sign up via email for information or submit ideas!

In the end, the visitor is leaves with a good taste, feeling of accomplishment (via idea box), and a way to connect and reconnect (via sign up email sheet). I believe this bulletin board will enhance the experience of all visitors. Only task at hand is to be vigilant with news, updates, and sampler section.

-Kyung Turner


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