Our Table Entrance ReDesign

If someone were to visit Our Table for the first time, they don’t see any part of the farm itself, except for the grocery store at the end of the drive way. However, they would notice these huge, colorful sculptures in the far distance before approaching the actual driveway. As they reach the front of the Our Table entrance, they will notice that the sculptures are actually models of berries and flowers. They would start thinking about how they relate to a farm and think “Oh, these are probably crops that they grow at our table!” In their car, they drive past the Our Table Farm sign and then past the old, rustic-looking rototiller behind the sign. The visitor’s attention will then be directed the various sculptures of berries and flowers. If they were driving all the way down to park close to the grocery store, they will notice a giant strawberry, raspberry, an abstract sculpture of a blueberry, and lastly a raspberry. On their left side, lie a couple of flower sculptures starting with a sunflower right at the front of the entrance. Being that the drive way is long and wide, the visitors will find it fun looking at giant colorful crops and won’t be bored of looking at the huge amount of grass that fill in the space behind the sculptures. One they park, they will find it nice to step out of their car and not have to be so careful about hitting their car door against another car parked right next to them. Before going to the actual farm, the visitor can go up to the sculptures and see them up close. They might even want to snap a photo one of the tall berries or flowers. A little wooden sign next to each sculpture would tell the visitor the name of the crop grown on the farm. These sculptures will be fun for families to look at prior to entering the farm and even leaving the farm. They will be the first last things that they will see at Our Table, giving the visitors a welcoming first-impression of the farm.

Gabby Galvez


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